General Information


The institute has well-equipped and spacious library with qualified librarian. The library is open both for staff and students. It has almost ten thousand books including textbooks, reference books, general and religious books. Daily newspapers in Urdu and English are available for staff and students for information and knowledge sharing.

Health Care Center:

The institute has a dispensary with qualified technician for providing first aid to the students and staff in case of any accident. Also basic medicines are available in the institute.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Besides curricular activities, the institute administration is also focused on co-curricular activities including sports, debates, project competition and exhibition etc. The institute has indoor and outdoor sports facilities for playing games like football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and basketball etc. Besides inter board tournament, every year inter technologies cricket tournament is arranged by the institute administration. Every year debates in various topics are organized by the institute administration. The winning candidates are awarded trophies and cash prizes. Students of the institute also participate in the provincial and national level skill competition organized by the KP-TEVTA and NAVTTC. The institute has multipurpose flourished auditorium used for debates, examination, and indoor games.


In addition to academic activities, the institute provides an opportunity to students for enhancing and developing quality, managerial, literary skill, and leadership skill through societies. The Principal actively involved in the proceeding of its activities for meaningful outcomes. Last year result oriented debate was conducted on “Relationship among Science, Engineering and Technology”. The students actively participated in the debate.


Since October 2017, there was no concept of publishing institute magazine. Now the management has constituted a committee for publishing magazine, therefore, first magazine of the institute may be published in the session 2018-19.

The students as well as teachers are required to write their article in English, Pashto, and Urdu etc and submit to the chair for its publication in the magazine. This will boost and leads the creative thinking of students towards innovation.

Institute Council:

The institute has an academic council working under the leadership of Principal. All Head of Departments and Chief Proctor are members of the council. The council may invite any co-opted members as and when required for assistance of the council. Meeting of the council is held on monthly basis or when needs arises and proceeding of the meeting is communicated to all concerned for compliance. Besides academic activities, the council also ensures discipline in the institute. Any student’s breach rules and regulations are penalized according to the relevant section of the prospectus.


The institute has developed a system of tutorial since October 2017. Every class has assigned tutor for the guidance and career counseling of students. The tutors also maintain attendance, sessional marks and internal assessment of their classes.

Internal Assessment:

In order to prepare students for Board examination, internal assessment is conducted twice in the pattern of Board examination. Results of assessments are shared with students as such the concerned teachers address discrepancies highlighted in the papers. The local controller of examination maintains the record of assessment. The management has now decided to share outcomes of the internal assessment with the parents of students for betterment.

Parents Teachers Meeting:

In order to inform parents about progress of their wards, a parents teachers meeting may be organized twice in the academic session. Strength and weaknesses of students are discussed in the said meeting. Also parents shall be taken on board that how opportunities can be converted to strength and threats can be overcome.
Proctorial Board:

The institute has efficient and well-organized proctor board working under the leadership of chief proctor of the institute. Every year members are selected from all the departments for effectiveness. The board is responsible for maintaining law and orders and conducive teaching-learning environment.

Institute Management Committee (IMC):

The Institute Management Committee (IMC) is an apex body of the institute, functioning under the leadership of Industrialist/Employers from private sector. The committee has other members from private and public sector whereas Principal of the institute works as Secretary of the IMC. Functions of the IMC are as under:

to identify the local employment opportunities or requirements of skilled labor force;
to prepare annual training plan based on identified training needs;
to ensure optimum utilization of the available facilities and monitor training cost;
to prepare annual budget estimate of the institute;
to reflect on effectiveness of the prescribed training courses and suggest remedial actions;
to establish institute-industry linkages;
undertake any other function as may be prescribed by the Board; and
to develop a sustainable and effective mechanism by which inputs on above mentioned functions is communicated to the TEVTA Board for its consideration wherever relevant.

Security Measures:

The institute has made utmost efforts to ensure peaceful and secure environment in the institute, therefore, 64 security cameras have been established for security and surveillance of the institute. The system is utilized for monitoring of classes and other allied activities in the institute. Besides, security system professional personnel have been hired for watching day to day to activities and cope security threat as and when occurred. No irrelevant person can enter in the institute without prior permission and registration with the security guard. Security officer monitor the security measures in the institute.
Admission Committee:

The institute has formal admission committee comprising of Chairman/Admission officer and other members. The committee is empowered to complete DAE admission according to the laid down criteria and policy approved by the competent forum.

Industrial Tour:
All the third year students are given opportunities to proceed on industrial tour in their specialized field of Industries. Besides Industrial tour students are paid field visits like visit to dam, grid stations, TV, Computer parks, railway tracks and other construction industries. This facility is in addition to in campus training.


The institute has also placement facilities for placing trainees on internship and on job training. The Rahman Cotton Mills Takht Bhai has extended their facilities for the trainees of pass out of the institute. The Civil graduates are being placed in public works departments/ construction industries.


Sports activities are important not only for physical but mental health. To create a since of healthy competition & sportsman spirit, the institute has adequate sports facilities. Sports In-charge arranges the inter-Technologies competition among the students of the institute. The sports events such as Cricket, Volley Ball, Table Tennis & Badminton are regularly held. The students are given opportunities to take part in the sports competition under the supervision of Board of Technical Education of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Peshawar.